Envision Your Money is an easy to use 'financial calculator' that helps you see what your financial future looks like. It helps you see whether you are going to run out of money, or die with TOO MUCH! Or, perhaps you're 'just right'? Perhaps you needn't worry about money ever again? Either way, Envision Your Money will give you the clarity you need!

Envision Your Money was founded by Paul Armson. Paul is the author of 'ENOUGH? How Much Money Do You Need For The Rest Of Your Life?'

Paul has been a Financial Adviser since 1982. He started delivering ‘Lifestyle’ Financial Planning to WOW his clients in 1990 and built a small fee-based Financial Planning practice, primarily focusing on small business owners and retirees and helping them get what they want out of life.

After the sudden death of his Mum he vowed to make ‘Life’s Not A Rehearsal’ his mantra and live life accordingly. He semi-retired at the age of 45 to start sailing his yacht ‘Spellbound’ around the world with his soulmate, Lynn.

For the last eight years, when he’s not been sailing, he’s been helping other Financial Advisers successfully transition to a Lifestyle Financial Planning model.

In 2007, Paul helped to create and launch Truth Software. Truth is a comprehensive piece of financial planning software now used by leading Financial Planners in the UK and overseas in order to help their clients secure their future.

Paul launched ‘Inspiring Advisers’ in 2013 - an online training programme to help more Advisers successfully adopt a Lifestyle Financial Planning approach. It is now a fast growing community of Lifestyle Financial Planners from the UK and around the globe.

But how did Envision Your Money come about...?

Frustrated with the vested interests of the Financial Services Industry, Paul now believes it’s time to start telling consumers what they need to know most: what he calls ‘The Truth About Money’.

The Truth About Money has nothing to do with financial products and investments. It has EVERYTHING to do with making sure you have ENOUGH money to do the things that you want to do in the time you have left on this planet!

It's about making sure you can live the life you want without risk of running out of money - or dying with too much! It's also about making sure your family are financially secure - whatever happens!

That's why Paul and his team have created Envision Your Money. It is designed for the general public; to help them look at their money in a new way and to take the first step to securing their financial future. Envision Your Money keeps things simple. It helps you to think about - and answer - the BIG question: 'How Much IS Enough?'

Paul's book, ENOUGH? (available from Amazon and all good bookstores) is recommended reading to help you Envision Your Money.

Paul is a sought after speaker and speaks regularly in the UK and overseas, he is passionate about changing clients and Advisers lives through the successful delivery of PROPER Financial Planning.

It's easier than you think!  GET STARTED TODAY...
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