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If you've read 'ENOUGH?' or you've signed up with Envision Your Money, you're already inspired by the idea of lifestyle financial planning and the benefits it can provide. But perhaps you don't want to do it yourself. That's understandable, and we've got you covered.

You'd like some help! And you'd like to know what's going to happen to your bucket!

If you prefer to have some help from a professional adviser you can trust - perhaps because of lack of time, or you just don't know where to start, or maybe you feel your circumstances are more complicated than most - you're in the right place. 

Whatever the reason, you can relax! Help is at hand. 

If you would like to work with a professional financial planner, who has adopted a lifestyle financial planning approach, then just click the button below and answer a few simple questions to get started. These will help us to point you in the right direction.

An initial, exploratory meeting with a member of our panel will normally be at no cost to you as this initial expense will be covered by their firm.

This is to ensure that you and they are a good fit and also to ensure they can be of genuine benefit to you.

Therefore, you have nothing to lose in arranging an initial meeting. At this meeting you will be given an indication of cost going forward should YOU choose to take things further.

It may not cost you any extra to receive professional lifestyle financial planning advice.   

Here's the good news: It could be that a lifestyle financial planning service could be provided to you at no additional cost whatsoever. 

You could be paying unnecessary investment charges, perhaps unwittingly to other Advisers, which could be eliminated and / or used to offset the cost of professional lifestyle financial planning advice. They may even be able to save you money by cutting out some of the excessive costs of the GOO! (Paul explains this in 'ENOUGH?', Chapter 21).  

Simply answer a few questions and we'll direct you to a suitably qualified and experienced adviser in your area who can help you.

The 'Truth About Money' Campaign

The Envision Your Money 'Truth About Money' Campaign was established to help more people gain access to the TRUTH about money! 

It’s a fact that the majority of people have no idea where they are heading financially. They may have assets, investments, and/or high levels of income, but most people have no idea what it all means, or where they  are heading. This is because the majority of financial advisers lack the necessary knowledge, understanding and tools to demonstrate to their clients what their future looks like – quite simply they are guessing about their clients' future. They focus their attention on the sale and distribution of financial products and investments rather than providing REAL solutions that give clients what they want out of life. 

More importantly, they fail to answer the BIG questions which really need answering.

Questions like...
  • “When, precisely, can I afford to stop doing the things that have become a drag…and start doing the things I really enjoy?"
  • “What do I have to do to ensure I NEVER run out of money?”
  • “How much do I need to earn, save or sell my business for to give me what I want out of life?”
  • "What level of investment return do I need to achieve my objectives at the lowest level of risk?"
And of course, the biggest question of all...
  • “How much is ENOUGH!?”

These are questions that need answering, and answering fast. Life is not a rehearsal!

The good news is there are Advisers that can answer these questions. That’s why we have created a panel of these Advisers, located throughout the UK, and some overseas, who are able to tell you the Truth About Money. They are financial planning professionals who deliver 'Lifestyle Financial Planning'. It’s designed to tell you exactly that: the truth about money. Pure and simple.

Making YOU the centre of attention...

An 'Envision Your Money' Financial Planner puts the focus back on you – on your goals, on your aspirations. Through a process called Lifeplanning™ they firstly help you identify what’s important to you, the things that you want to achieve in your lifetime, the type of lifestyle you enjoy now and the type of lifestyle you want to enjoy in the future. It's all about YOU and what YOU want. 

After they've understood what you want to achieve, they carry out a full financial planning analysis. 

Not only are the details of your income, outgoings, assets and liabilities considered, but other resources that may become available to you in your lifetime. This gives an accurate measure of your net worth and current and future financial situation. They help you think about and estimate the cost of the life you want to enjoy in years to come. 

Then, using comprehensive financial forecasting software and conservative assumptions, they put the two together. It produces a dramatic picture, which spells out the reality of your financial future. Suddenly you can see it, understand it, and believe it. You and your Financial Planner can then model realistic “what if” scenarios that will demonstrate the different outcomes you can create. 

Many clients have found they can retire years earlier than they thought when they are armed with the Truth About Money. Others learn how they can spend more now and still be financially secure for the rest of their lives. Other clients identify what they need to sell their business for to be financially independent. 

Finally, if your financial plan indicates that you do need financial or investment products, IF it does, then these Financial Planners are able to offer unbiased advice to identify and implement products and investments that are suited to the genuine needs of your financial plan. 

Whatever your situation, an 'Envision Your Money' Financial Planner can help take the guesswork out of your planning and help you make more sense of your money.

To find a member of our panel in your area just click the button below.